Fast treatment

The moves and the procedures determine which muscle tensions need therapeutic input in order to restore various body functions. The therapy will reset your body to heal itself and stimulate the energy flow.

Za vse ki trenutno še nimate več kot ene ure časa zase sem pripravila posebno ponudbo. Svetloba dotika hitri fix je kombinacija različnih tehnik masaže, Bownove terapije in drugih energetskih tehnik… čuti vaše telo in ga posluša… z zavedanjem dotika.

Energetska podpora za vas in vaše telo, ki vas poveže v zavedanje in življenje. Presenetilo vas bo kakšen učinek ima tako kratka masaža.

  • Zmanjšuje stres in sprošča napetost
  • prežene migrene in glavobole
  • lajša bolečine
  • trajanje 15 min
  • 30 Euro

The touch of light

Support your body and indulge yourself in the energies given to you by the universe. Open yourself to the natural healing energies that your body possesses.

With the acquired tools of accessing your consciousness, you can recognize your creative power to the point that you can change everything that does not work in your life. You will feel lighter, your pain will slowly disappear, you will feel more relaxed, will be able to sleep better and you will just see how things in your life will take a turn for the best.

70 min 90 Euro

The Light of Touch quick mix

The body is its own being. Therefore, it has its own consciousness and its own needs. What does it tell us? Even more importantly, do we know how to listen to it? I listen… with the touch. It is the mix of every massage I have ever learned…

30min 50 Euro

lajša težave pri alergijah,

učinkuje tudi pri različnih akutnih in kroničnih problemih kot na primer zamrznjena rama, teniški ali golferski komolec, sindrom karpalnega kanala, sindrom čeljustnega sklepa, bolečine v čeljusti in v obraznih mišicah.

pozitivne učinke dosežemo tudi pri akutni in kronični utrujenosti, depresivnih in anksioznih stanjih ter stresu

opolnomoča k zavestnemu življenju neskončnih možnosti.

80 min 90 Euro

60 min 50 Euro


The Light of Touch for kids and teens

As children, we knew how to listen to our bodies, but with the help of ”good” upbringing, we forgot this knowledge. Children’s activities are also very demanding, if not more so.

What if everything could become easier. Even learning, self-image, behavior… With conscious touch and following the energy that is present at the moment, We create a bubble where I can be present with the Being and the body so it can relax and heal.

30 min 40 Euro

60 min 60 Euro

Access Bars® for kids and teens

Access Bars® is an ideal treatment for children, it is gentle and nurturing and only  short sessions are required, usually only 30 minutes or less. It is relaxing and calming for them and sometimes parents can see before their eyes their child easing into relaxation. Anxiety in children is difficult to watch and this simple treatment can ease this.

It is ideal for children who:

    Have trouble sleeping

    Are struggling at school, either emotionally or academically

    Have ADD, ADHD and Autism

    Suffer with anxiety

    Have had emotional upset or trauma

    Have depression

    Are in their teens

    Have behavioural challenges

    Lack Confidence    

Regular Access Bars sessions can help your child become happier and more joyful

30 min 50 Euro

60 min 70 Euro