About me

My name is Lucija. You can call me Lučka. The name roots from the Latin word lux, meaning light.

I am a healer, your healer. Welcome to my world. Let me become a part of yours.

The knowledge I obtained from science, Ayurveda, Bowen therapy, Access Consciousness® method and deep personal experiences inspire me in everyday work and life. I discovered numerous possibilities to create the life I desire(d) and I learned to understand, to heal and to relax not only myself but also the people surrounding me.

I am a founder of SugaringAVOCADO natural hair removal paste. Hot summers spent in Greece, hopping around the islands, the dry heat, the Mediterranean vibes, the smell and the taste of the fresh oranges and avocados made my imagination go above and beyond. This is how SugaringAVOCADO came to be. The journey from the idea to the final product took a long time; a lot of experimenting, of trial and error and loads of creativity was needed to figure out just the right ingredients and the exact ratios to produce a smooth composition for me to be able to present this amazing, all-natural product to the world.

Take a walk around the Old Town of Ljubljana, and explore all of its major attractions. Leave the day behind you and enjoy a few relaxing hours for healing and taking care for your body in my Salon Lučka, Mestni trg 10, Ljubljana